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Pakistanis are generally style conscious


According to a recent Gallup Poll two-thirds of urban Pakistanis prefer to use those brands or styles of goods in clothing, cosmetics, foods and furnishing which in their view best reflect their personality; the remaining one-third are not so conscious about this. The style conscious people generally say they prefer new styles and say they try to make sure their clothing is according to the prevailing fashion. Nearly half of the sample said they generally consulted their friends and colleagues before they chose to use a new product or design.

The survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International among a representative sample of more than 1000 men and women in the major urban areas of the country. The sample included a cross section of people belonging to various age, income, education and linguistic backgrounds. The text of this report can also be seen on the internet at: www.gallup.com.pk