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Partition 1947 Report


We at Gallup Pakistan are always striving to bring to our audience/ readers current and historical empirical information which can help us better understand Pakistan, and its fascinatingly diverse 180 Million population.

With broadly this objective, Gallup Pakistan carried out a large scale survey aiming to unearth public perspectives and opinion regarding an epochal chapter in Pakistan’s history i.e. Partition of 1947. The purpose of this survey was to initiate conversations on this topic through different lenses, to recognize the diversity of survivors’ experiences, and to help identify areas that can be explored by scholars/researchers in greater depth. Given the dearth of Pakistan’s existing research on this topic, it is hoped that the ‘Partition 1947 Report’ would prove useful to readers and would help them attest and contest conventional views on this topic through concrete evidence.

The Report is broadly divided into 6 topics:
i. Narratives of Violence
ii. Women During Partition
iii. Pakistan Movement
iv. Views about the “Other”
v. Two Nation Theory
vi. Role of Media and Education

As a special feature, this report also includes a commentary by celebrated writer Anam Zakaria, author of “Footprints of Partition: Narratives of four generations of Pakistanis and Indians” (HarperCollins 2015). Between 2010-2013, Anam Zakaria led the Citizens Archive of Pakistan’s Oral History Project and Exchange-for-Change project, collecting narratives of the first and second generation of Pakistanis and connecting thousands of school children across India and Pakistan. In part, Oral History Project has also provided the impetus for Gallup Pakistan’s report.