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Perceptions On Economic Issues


Pakistan is the sixth largest country of the world with a population of approximately 174
million.(1) Despite its large human resource, Pakistan is an under developed country with
GDP per capita of $26,00 which is on the rank 171 in the whole world.**(1) Unemployment is
widespread (15% approximately). According to 2006 estimates, 24% of the population was
living below the poverty line.(1) A large proportion of the population is illiterate. The literacy
level in age 15 and above is 50%. This is 63% for males and 36% for the female population.
(2005 estimate)

(1) Majority of the population lives in rural areas (64%)
98 percent (98%) of urban households have electricity whereas 81% of rural households have
(2) 30% of households have Gas Supply (74% Urban and 7% Rural households).

This document is based on Opinions of these Pakistanis spread across the four provinces.
We are presenting opinions on Economic matters that are relevant to a common man. There
are opinions on Employment choices, issues and concerns. How these Pakistanis view their
own economic conditions, how do they perceive the Country’s Economy, how satisfied are
they with the Government’s policies e.g. Tax System. This also gives an account of Public
Opinion on the facilities like Electricity etc. Living in a Globalized Economy, we have
presented some opinions of Pakistanis about International Economy.

These are opinion of Pakistani Public and do not necessarily reflect the views of our