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Performance of Parties at Divisional level in Punjab: Interesting Facts about General Elections from the 2013 Data- Gallup Pakistan Data Analytics Team


This press release is part of a special press release that aims to provide the readers interesting findings from Gallup Pakistan’s electoral database. The database of the past 10 elections has been consolidated from the Elections Commission of Pakistan (ECP) data by Gallup Pakistan’s Data Analytics team and analyzed over the past many years under the able leadership of Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani, a political scientist by training from MIT USA.

Gallup Pakistan and Gilani Research Foundation have been working in various projects and activities for the past 40 years which aim to popularize use of facts and figures to understand Pakistani society and the complex behavioral and sociological ties that run underneath.

This particular press release sheds light on the division-wise performances of various political parties in Punjab in Pakistan’s 2013 general elections. The need for this arises as we slowly move towards the 11th general election in Pakistan since 1970.