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POPULAR SINGERS: Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jahan are rated as best singers


According to a recent Gallup Survey, the most popular singers are Mehdi Hassan, Waris Baig, Ali Haider, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ibrar-ul-Haq. Among female singers the most popular are Noor Jahan, Latta, Naheed Akhtar, Shazia Manzoor and Humaira Arshad. Interestingly Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jahan have long been at the top of the popularity list, whereas the rest of the list has changed. A Gallup survey conducted nearly twenty years ago in 1979, termed Mehdi Hassan, Alam Lohar, Anayat Hussain Bhatti and Raffie as popular singers; from among female singers Noor Jahan, Suraya Multanikar, Latta and Mahnaz were popular at that time.