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PTV Home Drama Sham Se Pehlay Tops and Beijing Youth achieves second position in terms of viewership crossing 18 Million TV Viewership benchmark.


According to Gallup Pakistan TV Ratings service (the only National TV Ratings in Pakistan), PTV home drama “Sham se Pehaly” achieved top position in May 2018 by achieving Rating of 15% and reaching to around 18.9 Million Viewers.

The second in line was Beijing Youth reaching rating of 15% and viewership of 18.1 Million. It is interesting to note that Beijing Youth entails the story of four young cousins who are in search of their respective goals and dreams. The story surfaces the dynamism of modern China and its striking culture.

Beijing Youth is the first ever serial that is being broadcasted on a Pakistani channel after an agreement between China Radio International and state television of Pakistan. This initiative is a part of Belt and Road plan between the two countries.

Since the initiation of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) the cultural exchange between the two stakeholders has amplified significantly. CPEC is considered not only a project of energy and infrastructure but also a platform for people to people connectivity. The cultural exchanges between Pakistan and China is a corner stone of CPEC and airing this series on State television will lead to better understanding of Chinese customs and traditions as well as open doors for future collaboration in the world of media and art.