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Public Opinion Poll on JIT Report and National Issues by Gallup Pakistan – July 2017


Latest National Opinion Poll on Panama Corruption Case, Report by JIT and the Credibility of National Institutions

1. Awareness about JIT Report:

73% claim they have heard or read about it

2. In the aftermath of the JIT report should the PM resist or resign from politics? Views are sharply divided

51% favour resigning from politics; while 49% favour resisting by contesting a case against the JIT decision

3. Acceptability of Shahbaz Sharif as a replacement of Nawaz

59% across various vote banks (those intending to vote for PML-N or any other party) say that if PML-N were to nominate him, they will accept Shahbaz Sharif as a replacement of Nawaz; 41% say they will oppose.

4. Credibility of various national institutions, including the entity called ‘Average Pakistani Citizen’:

Court, Army, Religious Leaders and Doctors score higher than the Average Citizen; police, FIA and Lawyers score lower. Interestingly, politicians are rated at exactly the same level as the ‘Average Pakistani Citizen’.

5. Percentage which considers the following credible or trustworthy, either a lot or somewhat trustworthy

Supreme Court (79%), Army (79%), Religious Leaders (68%), Doctors (64%), Politicians (61%), Average Pakistani Citizen (61%), Media (58%), Lawyers (52%), Police (38%)