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Quantitative Research

Gallup Pakistan has its full-service offices at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad which are geared-up with sate-of-the-art technology. At Gallup Pakistan we provide research solutions in sync with the Client requirements. Our research team carefully analyses our Client’s needs before recommending the right mix of research solutions. Currently, we offer the following repertoire of services pertaining to continuous and ad hoc research:

Face-to-Face interviewing

At Gallup Pakistan, we believe that reliable interviewing is fundamental to achieving accurate and undistorted data. Hence, we are the only research organization in Pakistan with a broad network of 17 regional Field offices spread out all over the country, providing the backbone of our research.

Gallup Pakistan has over 300 interviewers countrywide who are fully trained to understand the dynamics of Face-to-Face interviewing and rapport building. Gallup Pakistan is a trusted name and hence we have an edge over others in soliciting access to difficult to reach groups. Gallup Pakistan adheres to the Quality Assurance procedures set forth by Gallup international and ESOMAR. We follow rigorous procedures of training our field staff, and ensure quality and reliability of data through stringent field controls including intake edit, back-check and interviewer evaluation.


Telephonic Surveys

Gallup Pakistan has the capacity to conduct telephonic surveys all over Pakistan. We have dedicated phone lines to make and receive phone calls as per the client’s requirements.

Online Surveys

For B2B respondents who are pressed for time, we offer the service of online surveys, whereby an electronic version of questionnaire is sent to the respondents on their email accounts. The self-administered style of this type of surveys allows the customers to complete the questionnaire at their own pace and convenience. The questionnaires are returned to Gallup Pakistan via a return email address.

Our researchers regularly follow-up the status of the survey and provide assistance to the respondents, as required. If the filled questionnaires are not returned to Gallup Pakistan within a stipulated time, the respondents are followed up through telephone and personal visits.