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Report # 3 EXIT POLL SURVEY 2013


Report # 3 EXIT POLL SURVEY 2013

Who Voted for Whom and What does it mean for PAKISTAN‟S FUTURE

Gallup Pakistan carried out a large scale Election Day Survey on May 11 across all four provinces of Pakistan. The survey was not meant to be an early prediction or to monitor the fairness of elections. It was a survey to determine the age, income and education composition of the vote banks of the leading political parties. But it also captured perceptions about impartiality of polling staff, role of media in election campaigning and a host of other issues.

The survey was carried out by Gallup Pakistan and the findings are presented here in the form of seven sections. Section 1 analyses profile of political party vote banks, by age, gender, education and income group. Section 2 discusses voter perceptions about impartiality of polling staff. Section 3 reveals voters choices for various party alliances. Section 4 discusses motivations to vote categorizing them into seven voter types. Section 5 discusses voters‟ sense of efficacy of their vote. Section 6 discusses the political activism present among voters prior to the elections. The final section in this series analyses the role of media during election campaigning.

The findings are based on a survey of 4,636 statistically selected voters from all the four provinces of Pakistan. They were randomly selected as they stepped out of polling stations after casting their vote.