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Summer Internship 2019: Batch 1 – Meet the Interns!


Amna Afzal

Major: Anthropology/Sociology

University:  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Amna is an Anthropology/Sociology major and has a keen interest in the dynamical social, economic and political situation of Pakistan. Amna believes she is a chatter box and loves interacting with new people and learning about people’s culture and heritage. 

Momina Kaleem

Major: Economics

University:  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Momina is a senior at LUMS and is pursuing a major in Economics. Her areas of interest include Development Economics (particularly the Poverty Index and the Gender Gap Index), Behavioral Economics, Econometrics and Macroeconomics, especially the monetary policies and the interest rate.

Natasha Amir

Major: Economics

University:  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Natasha is currently in her senior year at LUMS and pursuing a major in economics. Her research interests are broad- she is keenly interested in the development side of economics, climate change, water issues in Pakistan and also gender biases in all aspects of life.

Noor Ul Huda Shahid

Major: Economics

University:  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Noor Ul Huda Shahid is a senior at LUMS, majoring in Economics and plans on doing a minor in Mathematics. She is particularly interested in data related to poverty and elections in Pakistan.

Syeda Noor Fatima

Major: International Relations

University:  University of London

Noor Fatima is a recent graduate from the University of London with a degree in International Relations. Her research interests include International Relations, Humanitarian Intervention, Nuclear Disarmament, History of Political Thought and Democratic Peace Theory.

Shaharzade Sharjeel

Major: Management Sciences

University:  Lahore University of Management Sciences

Shaharzade is a Management Science major from the LUMS batch of 2021. The rising importance of big data, research and data analysis, particularly in the field of Management Science motivates her to intern for Gallup. Not only is Shaharzade a history enthusiast, but also the political economy of food and land of Pakistan deeply interests her. Oh! And she loves kickboxing too!