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Talk Show Analysis: August 2015


According to a Monthly Research Study conducted by Gallup Pakistan Media Research Consultancy, ‘Politics’ was the main topic under discussion (40%) in the analyzed talk shows, while majority of the guests were politicians (68%) and PML- N was the political party with the most airtime representation (32%). The duration of the analysis is August 2015.

Content analysis of 8 popular current events talk shows (Off the Record; Capital Talk; Meray Mutabiq; Sawal Yeh Hai; News Eye; Aapas Ki Baat; Nadeem Malik Live and Tonight with Fareeha) consisting of a total of 120 episodes aired on different cable television networks was conducted for August 2015. The topics discussed in these shows were distilled into 7 broad categories: ‘Economy’, ‘Governance’, ‘Law’, ‘Politics’, ‘Media’, ‘Security’ and ‘Miscellaneous’. Issues that were discussed less frequently, for example sports and sociocultural subjects, have been included in the ‘Miscellaneous’ category.