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TCF Training Workshop


From 10th November 2015 to 14th November 2015, Gallup Pakistan held a four day training workshop for The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan. TCF is a charity organization with over 100,000 students all over Pakistan and Gallup, with its penchant for contributing in the development sector, aided them in their ventures in Pakistan’s education sector.The aim was to enable TCF in providing a richer educational experience to students. For that, Gallup provided training to TCF personnel in conducting large scale survey exercises that would help TCF make informed judgments about enhancing their quality of education. 2 trainees from TCF visited Gallup head office in Islamabad and attended training sessions conducted by Taimur Saeed, (Assistant Manager) and Umar Taj (Senior Research Executive) from Gallup. These sessions continued for four days during which time Gallup provided technical training in i) interviewing techniques ii) sampling methodology and iii) data collection and analysis. The training concluded with lunch and a small closing ceremony on 10th November, in which participants were awarded certificates from Gallup. The training workshop proved to be a major success and Gallup aspires to continue to make ongoing contributions to similar ventures in the development sector.

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