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Television viewership in Pakistan: Millennial television viewers in Pakistan less interested in news channels; more interested in local entertainment channels.


Gallup Pakistan is releasing this press release in relation to Television Viewership Habits in Pakistan. The purpose of this press release is to provide our readers interesting findings from the Gallup Pakistan TV Ratings Panel spread over 3000 households across Pakistan (the only national TV Ratings in Pakistan). This press release provides findings at two levels – a comparison of television viewership between millennials and other viewers for different genres for the year 2016 and a trend of television viewership habits over the past eight years.

Television Viewership in Pakistan: An average Pakistani spends 2 hours in front of TV screen

On average a television viewer in Pakistan spends 2 hours daily watching television (123 minutes). This result translates into 14 hours of television viewership per week, 56 hours in a month and 672 hours annually, which means an average Pakistani spends 12% of his active time (approximately 17 out of 24 hours) watching television.

Millennials are watching less TV than other age groups

Breaking the national results by age categories, it is observed that millennials on average watch 119 minutes of television daily, while other viewers watch 125 minutes. These figures illustrate, that on average other viewers (Age 30+) watch 6 more minutes daily in contrast to millennial viewers.