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Ten percent have more than one TV sets. TV viewing in Pakistan is a family affair.


According to a recent study by Gallup Pakistan nearly 75 percent households in urban Pakistan now have access to TV viewing and approximately 10% of them own more than one television sets. The Gallup study was conducted among statistical sample covering all the four provinces of Pakistan. The study further shows that television viewing in Pakistan is a family affair. Eighty-five percent (85%) say that they usually watch TV in the company of the family. The average household size in urban Pakistan, it should be noted, is more than 6 persons, including adults and children. When asked about the place in the home where they watched TV, 55% of the respondents said they watched TV in their lounge or the room for common use, the remaining were divided among those who watched in their drawing room (or the special room generally for entertaining guests) and their bedrooms. Gallup research analysts have however pointed out that since 60% of urban Pakistanis live in a house with only one or two rooms, the distinction between various types of rooms in such homes is quite gray.

The survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International among a representative sample of more than 1000 men and women in the major urban areas of the country. The sample included a cross section of people belonging to various age, income, education and linguistic backgrounds. The text of this report can also be seen on the internet at: www.gallup.com.pk