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TV Rating Software

The cut throat competition amongst businesses has put immense pressure on investors to make the optimal use of their limited resources. The Advertising expenditure forms the bulk of marketing expenditure. While high returns are sought through the activity, wrong choices could cost dearly.

The TV rating software provides a smart mechanism for planning and evaluating your advertising campaigns based on the description of your target audience. It is specifically designed to answer the following crucial questions sought by the Marketing/Media Executives:

  • How many viewers do you reach by the TV Advertising
  • How many of those you reach are your target audience
  • What does it Cost to reach one thousand of your target audience
  • Can you optimize on your advertising budget, to reach the largest number of target viewers within the given budget

The service provides the following essential indicators:

  • Reach – Percent of Target Audience reached at least once
  • Frequency – The number of times the target audience is likely to see the ad
  • Effective Reach – Percent of Target Audience reached with minimum effective frequency
  • GRP – Gross Rating Points expected to be achieved from the schedule
  • CPM – Cost per Thousand Target Audience of the Advertising schedule

It gives you an optimal schedule of ad placement to obtain a bigger audience share for the same advertising budget.
The TV Rating service is the first of its kind in Pakistan. Prompt/license/updated