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TV viewership of special Muharram shows on a decline since 2012, 23% less Pakistanis claim that they watched programs related to Ashura, 15% rise in those who claim they did not watch them.


According to a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2012 (06 years ago) respondents were asked, “Did you have the opportunity to watch programs about Ashura on TV?” In response to this question, 60% said yes, 37% said no while 3% did not know or respond to the question..

Comparative Picture: The question was asked again in 2018 to enable a concrete comparison. In 2018, 37% said yes, 52% said no while 11% did not know or respond to the question.

The findings are available since 2012 periodically and the graph below shows how the figures have fluctuated over the years.

According to public opinion, there has been a 23% decline in the proportion of Pakistanis who claim that they watched programs about Ashura while 15% rise can be observed in those who claim that they did not watch special programs on Ashura.

Gallup Pakistan Media Research Team adds “This phenomenon is explained by declining popularity of television viewing in Pakistan. TV is slowly but surely being replaced with social media as the source of information and entertainment. Over the past 5 years Gallup Pakistan has seen nearly a 100% rise in the proportion of Pakistanis claiming to use internet.”