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Twenty Year Analysis of the Education Sector


Education is the one of the most important sectors for a country, and pivotal in determining and streamlining our country’s future development and progress. With this report, Gallup Pakistan intends the highlight the development of the education sector in the past two decades and in doing so wants to identify areas of further improvement.
The main findings of the report are as follows:

  • Among schools, high schools experienced the greatest percentage growth
  • Over the past 19 years, the number of primary schools increased by 18%, middle schools by 83% whereas the number of high schools increased by 110%.
  • ​Phenomenal increase in the number of secondary and tertiary educational Institutes
  • The number of tech/vocational institutes rose by a staggering 510%, followed by degree colleges at 360%, higher secondary/intermediate institutes at 208% and universities at 206%.
  • The number of female and co-ed institutes increased considerably for all education levels
    Among female and co-ed institutes the highest percentage increase was observed in degree colleges whose number rose by 398%, followed by tech/vocational institutes at 380%, higher secondary/intermediate institutes at 264% and high schools at 208%.
  • University Enrolment rose by more than ten folds (1,158%) since 2001
    Female University enrolment rose by an astounding 1,790% over the past 20 years
  • Enrolment at school level has been gradually increasing over the years 
    Primary school enrolment has increased from 14.1 million to 23.9 million over the past 19 years, translating into an overall 70% increase, whereas middle school enrolment doubled over the years and high school enrolment rose by 161%..
  • The number of Teaching Staff in Universities increases by an enormous 800%
    Femaleteaching staff has increased considerably across all educational institutes 
  • The highest number of female and co-ed degree colleges are projected to be observed in 2019 at around 85,000; a 400% increase since 2001
  • The number of female higher secondary/intermediate institutes rose by 264%, female teachers rose by 191%, while total female enrolment increased by 196%.