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West Asia & MENA


The West Asia and MENA poll was conducted by WIN Gallup International in Asian nations, broadly to the West of India stretching to the nations in North Africa. The poll was part of a Global poll which conducted fieldwork in 61 countries, which were grouped into 5 Regions of the world.

The West Asian poll covered 3 major sub-regions: South Asia, covering India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; West Asia covering Turkey and Afghanistan; Lebanon, Algeria and Morocco in MENA.

As a Group of nations 59% in West Asia supported UN Sanctions while 23% opposed, thus giving Net Support of 36%.

The following analysis was done by Nur Uslu of Barem -WIN Gallup International (contact details at the end of the document) in consultation with colleagues from other fellow Members of the global polling Network. The author points out and explains the similarities and differences across various parts of MENA and West Asia.