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Workshop on Effective Research Skills for Minerva, Pakistan


On 24th December 2016, Gallup Pakistan conducted an informative workshop for a batch of interns from Minerva, Pakistan. The seminar was conducted over Skype by Umar Taj, our Behavioural Sciences Expert who has done his Masters from the London School of Economics and is nearing the completion of his PhD from the University of Warwick.

The main goal was to train the interns to enhance the skills they would need to be effective employees in any sector, particularly as they prepare to start their professional careers or plan their further studies. On a more specific level, Gallup focused on refining these interns’ research skills by outlining a succinct process that can be adapted to any task to carry out effective research, especially through the internet. The participants learnt how to strategically select, analyse and use research.

The workshop consisted of an interactive presentation enriched with useful tips and short-cuts, followed by a discussion that allowed participants to give their feedback and ask questions. The session proved to be a major success and highlights Gallup’s commitment to imparting valuable knowledge and education through unconventional and engaging methods to youth in Pakistan, so that they can realize their true and full potential.

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