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2010-2017: An 11% rise in proportion of Pakistanis who believe women are more intelligent than men. (GALLUP & GILANI PAKISTAN POLL)


Islamabad, October 4, 2019

In a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2010, respondents were asked “In your opinion, who do you think is more intelligent, men or women?” In response, 64% said men are more intelligent, and 32% said women are more intelligent.

Comparative Picture:This question was asked again in 2017 to enable a comparison to be made across the years. In 2017, 57% said men are more intelligent, and 43% said women are more intelligent.

Trend Analysis by gender of respondents: Overall the percentage of both male and female respondents who think women are more intelligent have gradually increased over the past 7 years. 9% more male respondents in 2017 opined that women are more intelligent and 14% more females in 2017 opined that women are more intelligent.

Implications of this finding:Public perceptions on men being the smarter sex is gradually shifting. This could be attributed to an increase in the labor force participation of women in various sectors of the economy over the years. More women are now acquiring jobs and leadership roles that are stereotypically associated with higher competency and intellect.

This press release has been made as part of the Gallup Pakistan History Project which aims to release historical empirical polling data to wider audiences. The objective is to sustain and encourage empirical decision making in Pakistan.