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53% Pakistanis oppose extension in the duration of the nationwide lockdown. 47% say otherwise


Islamabad, May 13, 2020

According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 53% Pakistanis oppose extension in the duration of the nationwide lockdown while 47% say otherwise.

A nationally representative sample of adult men and women from across the four provinces was asked the following question, “The government has imposed nation-wide lockdown in the country to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Some people think it should be extended. Others think it should be lifted. Do you think the lockdown imposed by the government should be extended?” In response to this question, 47% Pakistanis agreed that the lockdown should be extended while 53% said it should not be extended.

Gender Breakdown: More males than females likely to agree to extension of lockdown

50% of male and 43% female respondents supported the extension of the lockdown.

Urban Rural Breakdown: 18% higher opposition for lockdown extension in rural than urban areas

Out of the total respondents that agreed to lockdown extension, 57% were from urban Pakistan and 42% from rural Pakistan.

Provincial Breakdown: Respondents from Punjab most likely to support extension of lockdown while residents of Sindh most likely to oppose extension of the lockdown

Age Breakdown: Those over the age of 50 most likely to support extension of the lockdown while those below 30 years and in the 30 to 39 year age cohort equally oppose the extension of the lockdown