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61% Pakistanis reported being able to read with understanding (Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement & Gallup Pakistan)


Islamabad, June 12, 2020

Introduction to the Gallup Data Analytics series on Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement data:

This press release is the first part of a special Gallup Data Analytics series that aims to foster an empirical understanding of the social and economic indicators in Pakistan based on data generated by PSLM Surveys. 

PSLM is the largest survey in Pakistan conducted every two year by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. The sample covers over 80,000 households and over 400,000 respondents. The PSLM Survey is designed to be representative at district level for in-depth analysis and for the majority of districts a sample of 1000 respondents has been achieved. Gallup Pakistan Data Analytics team has worked extensively on this data and this series of press releases are our attempt to publicize the great efforts done by hundreds of office bearers of Bureau of Statistics who have travelled far and wide to collect this data.

This particular press release aims to assess the prevalence of literacy across Pakistan along with various demographic breakdowns to provide further insight into the results.

A nationally representative sample of men and women from the 10+ population from across the four provinces was asked the following question: “Can you read a simple statement in any language with understanding?” In response to this question, 61% Pakistanis said that they could read a simple statement with understanding while 39% said they could not read.