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68% Pakistanis Listen to Music on Cassettes; 55% Listen to Music on CDs


A Gilani poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan regarding Pakistani lifestyles (2008-09) shows, while majority of Pakistanis (68%) claimed to listen to music on cassettes a significant 55% of the respondents also claimed to listen to music on CDs. 49% claimed to buy cassettes of Pakistani songs, 41% buy cassettes of Indian music, 5% said they buy cassettes of English songs or some other kind of music. 39% claimed to buy Indian music CDs, 24% buy CDs of Pakistani music, 11% buys English songs CDs and 7% buy CDs of some other kind of music.

This Gilani poll was conducted in Pakistan by Gallup Pakistan, affiliated with Gallup International Association, among a sample of 2562 men and women from rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during October 2008.