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Background Paper on PUBLIC OPINION DEBATES ON NUCLEAR ENERGY: The Views of “Pros”, “Skeptics” and “Opponents”

This paper provides a short summary of Key Debates on Nuclear Energy and the Rise and Fall in its support as a solution to both Security (against scarcity) and Sustainability (Environmental and Climate Change concerns) problems.

It contains the following two parts. In addition to them, we have provided links to several other sources for those who wish to access them.

Part 1: An Outline of Key Debates A Summary of Key Debates complied by Gilani Research Foundation on behalf of WINGallup International Opinion Research Group. It provides summary of Post-Japan Earthquake discussions on the subject.

Part 2: Media Monitoring by WIN-GIA Country Representatives in 15 countries across the globe Media Monitoring on “Japan Earthquake And Nuclear Energy”

This part comprises Reports provided by the country Representatives of WIN-Gallup International which they have scanned from the media in their country (the efforts of all contributing members are greatly appreciated. Exact details and credit to them at page 12 of this Report)