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Short Roundup on Transport Infrastructure in Pakistan (2000-2015)


Abstract: Like all other developing and emerging economies, Pakistan’s urban transport problem is one of the pressing issues of the time that needs to be assessed and evaluated. With growing road congestion resulting from an increase in number of privately-owned automobiles, urban transport problem is aggravating day by day. For many the solution to the problem is to build larger and better roads- but is it the way to go forward? The purpose of this paper is to analyze the transport infrastructure in Pakistan and the changes they have undergone over the past 15 years. We undertake an analysis of facts and figures available in Economic Survey of Pakistan and try and reach some conclusions about possible public policy implications of these numbers. One of our emerging hypothesis looking at the numbers is that in order to address the urban transport problem in Pakistan, transport infrastructure in Pakistan needs to be re-evaluated and policy making needs to be made in light of empirical evidence. Using statistics on the number of registered motor vehicles, we aim to provide policy makers on urban transport issues required empirical understanding of the transport infrastructure.