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COMMENTS BY GALLUP PAKISTAN SPOKESPERSON: Pre-Election Poll data attributed to Gallup Pakistan released in certain segments of media (17th September 2015)


(Islamabad – Karachi – Lahore) : Gallup Pakistan’s Scientific Pre-Election poll findings on NA 122 , 125 and NA 154 have been reported in certain segments of media today i.e 17th September 2015. Gallup Pakistan would like to provide important clarifications in this regard.

Results for NA 122 and NA 125 released are good enough to predict most likely winner and loser but cannot predict the margin of victory.The poll findings showing 51% vs 36%; and 56% vs 31% respectively in favour of PML-N reflect intentions of all eligible voters, whereas victory margin depends on who turns up to vote or stays at home.

NA 154 is different story. The findings of 42% vs 36% in favor of PTI are too close to call , lying within the range of TEM i.e Total Error Margin . Gallup Pakistan can only say that as for now the Race is neck and neck and can not be predicted.

Gallup Pakistan aims to conduct an other such survey closer to By Polls scheduled in October 2015.

Disclaimer: Gallup Pakistan has conducted this poll according to the ESOMAR Code of Ethics and internationally recognized principles of scientific polling. The results do not represent views held by the authors or Gallup Pakistan. The results only represent public opinion, computed on the basis of views expressed by anonymous respondents selected through the procedure outlined in the Methodology section of this Report.