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Coronavirus Attitude Tracker Survey Report – Wave 4


Why is measuring perception of public important? – 4 important reasons

1. Voice of the people is currently silenced due to lockdown. We are providing a conduit to policy makers, thinkers and the government in absence of other forums. Public Opinion polling in many parts of the world is considered an essential part and parcel of democracy. We are keeping that tradition alive here in Pakistan.

2. Policy makers need continuous feedback loop on successes and failures of their actions. Pakistan is a large country!

3. Corona is a novel virus. The novelty means that much is unknown – rate of transmission, means of transmission etc. Surveys such as ours provides an important evidence not just for Pakistan but for the international community.

4. Impact Assessment of the damages caused so that actions can be taken to correct and ameliorate.

We are looking at Economic Impact as well as Social Impact in the 4th Wave.

We hope to provide the voice to the voiceless in the current pandemic!