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Gallup Pakistan Media Report

Gallup Pakistan Media Reports & Media Surveys have been providing the Media Industry’s Key Figures for over 30 years.

The Current Media Survey is based a sample of more than 20,000 Respondents spread across the four provinces of Pakistan. The report is meant to serve as a guiding tool for Advertisers, Media Planners and Media Industry at large to evaluate effectiveness of various media and allocate their budgets in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

TV Viewership Report

  •  Current level of TV viewership
  • Current level of cable and satellite TV viewership
  • Reach and viewership of various TV channels
  • TV Ownership
  • Viewership responses to ad clutter
  • Place and time of TV viewing in terms of location
New Media Usage Report

– Current level of internet usage & Mobile Phone Ownership
– Use of Social Media In Pakistan.
– The break down of target groups w.r.t variables like income, education etc.
Newspaper Readership Report

-Newspaper readership in eight newspaper regions of Pakistan.
– Reader profile of twenty leading newspapers
Radio Listenership Report

– Current level of radio listenership
– Current level of FM listenership
– Radio ownership
This Report is available in soft data form as well and Data Mining can be done using Statistical Softwares.
For Subscription Write to Bilal Ijaz Gilani (caf@gallup.com.pk)