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Gallup Pakistan – World Bank Customer Satisfaction Survey 2013


This is an Executive Summary and Highlights of the World Bank CSS 2013 conducted by Gallup Pakistan.

Snapshot of the Survey

Survey Agency: Field work for this survey was conducted by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani Affiliate of Gallup International.

Timelines of Field Work: Field Work started in late July and was completed in last week of October 2013.

Methodology: Multiple modes were used including Postal Interviews, Face to Face Interviews and Online Interviews.

Sample Size & Response Rate: Around 1600 Stakeholders and Clients were approached. The List was provided by World Bank and additions were made by Gallup Pakistan. Response rate among clients was significantly lower than among Stakeholders.

Instrument: Questionnaire was adapted from the WB CSS Study held last year. Gallup Pakistan made required changes in the questionnaire to reduce complexity. Length of Interview was around 35-30 min.