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Created in London in 1947, Gallup International is networked to collaborate in over 60 countries of the world spread over 5 continents including America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia. Gallup Pakistan is operating in Pakistan since 1980 thus bringing in more than 34 years of professional experience.

Gallup Pakistan was established in 1980 in Pakistan by Dr Ijaz Shafi Gilani , Phd from MIT in Political Science. With humble beginnings , within few years of its inception in Pakistan , Gallup Pakistan had broken the previously held taboo that only Government agencies could do survey work in Pakistan. Using innovative technologies of the time like Telex and Postal system , Gallup Pakistan set up field networks of capable individuals around the country so that field happened with knowledge of local laws and customs.

During the 1985 elections , Gallup Pakistan conducted its first Exit Poll in the country and got widespread publicity on National and International Media. Public Opinion Polling was still a novelty for Pakistan as well as for the wider Developing countries.

Since that time Gallup Pakistan , has been a nursery for training various types of Human Resource affiliated with survey industry. We are proud of our Alumni who have gone on to strengthen the survey industry in Pakistan including in Market Research , Political Research and wider Socio-Economic Research field.

Gallup Pakistan is proud of its history and is eager to pave the way for a thriving empirical and evidence based policy and strategy for all sorts of corporate and government institutions.