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International policies of the United States and Russia are destabilizing the world, according to the “End of the Year” global survey of Gallup International Association, conducted in 57 countries across the world.


About equal numbers – respectively 56% and 52% – of the surveyed 52,494 global citizens hold negative opinions of the role of the two military superpowers, with only one in four believing their foreign policies have a stabilizing impact on world’s affairs.

Internally about two thirds of Russians are convinced that the international policies of their country are having a stabilizing effect. The same figure is significantly lower among US citizens, reflecting the deep internal divisions within American society.

The European Union is globally perceived as the most stabilizing force in the World and has positive net scores in all surveyed regions except Russia and West Asia.

Although the perception of China is negative it is not as negative as the worlds view towards the US and Russia.