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JAPAN EARTHQUAKE JOLTS GLOBAL VIEWS ON NUCLEAR ENERGY: Net favor globally falls from 25% to a mere 6%. However supporters continue to outnumber opponents by 49% : 43%


A global survey conducted by WIN-Gallup International in 47 countries across the globe shows that several hundred million supporters of nuclear energy have switched sides to become its opponents as a result of Japan earthquake and fears of nuclear leakage at its nuclear power plants in Fukushima. Among a sample of more 34,000 thousand men and women world-wide, 8% of former supporters said they have switched to the opposite side. Another 3% said they were unsure but are now opposed to the use of nuclear technology as a source of energy or electricity.

The survey shows that supporters of nuclear energy who are 49% of the polled world still outnumber its opponents, who constitute 43%. But the gap between the two positions was much larger prior to Japan earthquake: Supporters were 57% while 32% opposed. In a nutshell, the gap between supporters and opponents suddenly fell from 25% to a mere 6%.