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Majority of Pakistanis believe that an overwhelming number of government employees are corrupt.


According to a Gilani Research Foundation Survey carried out by Gallup Pakistan, 78% Pakistanis believe that more than 40% of government officers are corrupt.

A nationally representative sample of adult men and women, from across the four provinces was asked, How many government servants out of 100, do you think are involved in bribery and corruption? 6% respondents believe that less than 20% of government officers are involved in bribery and corruption, while 12% believe the same of the support staff. 16% respondents think that the percentage of officers involved in corruption is 21% – 40%, while 15% think the same of the support staff. 20% respondents are of the opinion that the percentage of both corrupt officers and support staff is around 41% – 60%. Moreover, 21% respondents believe that 61% – 80% officers are involved in corruption, and 19% think that the same amount of support staff is corrupt. The highest numbers of respondents for both officers (29%) and support staff (26%) said that 81% – 100% are corrupt. For both officers and support staff, 8% of respondents did not answer.