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Nearly equal split between respondents of a global survey who believe that there is still time to curtail climate change, and those who say that it is too late. A significant majority in Pakistan (63%) also believe that it is too late (Gallup & WIN World Survey 2019)


Islamabad, 07 April, 2020

According to a WIN World Survey, 46% respondents over the world agree that it is already too late to curtail climate change.

A sample of 29,368 men and women from 40 countries across the globe was asked, “To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: It is already too late to curtail climate change.” 46% of the respondents in the participating countries say they somewhat or totally agree with the statement, while 48% said they somewhat or totally disagree. 6% of the respondents did not know or did not respond.

In comparison, 63% of Pakistanis agreed with the statement, and 33% disagreed.

Age wise analysis:

Younger generations, Gen Z and Gen Y, are the more likely to believe that it is not too late to curtail climate change.

Regional Analysis: Regional results show that respondents from the Asia-Pacific have the highest rate of agreement with the statement, with 55% respondents agreeing (totally or somewhat) that it is too late to curb climate change. Whereas respondents from the Americas are least likely to agree with the statement.