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Patterns of Divorce Status based on Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Surveys


In Pakistan, although social, religious and traditional values continue to discourage divorce and a vast majority of people still consider it a matter of dishonor and shame for the family, the increasing rate of divorces in Pakistan over the last few decades has been an alarming trend. In order to track the national divorce rate, this report uses PSLM survey as a proxy for estimating the number of  individuals among 15+ adult population that hold the marital status of being “divorced”.

The main findings of the report according to the different variables explored are:

  • In the past few years, there has been a rise in the divorce rates in Pakistan.
  • Women are more likely to report being divorced in the PSLM surveys, potentially showing that divorced women remain divorced whereas men remarry.
  • Divorce status is most prevalent in Punjab, followed by Sindh and KPK and least in Balochistan.
  • Education seems to have a high positive relationship with divorce status being reported.
  • Employment seems to be positively correlated with divorce status across the many years.​