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Executive Summary 

A significant proportion of Pakistanis (80%) are aware of basic Human rights in Pakistan and many (56%) believe them to be a serious problem in Pakistan.

Since 1998, public confidence in the government’s role in ensuring human rights has increased, however there is still room for improvement. Nearly half Pakistanis were concerned about justice in Pakistan, and believed that often criminals go unpunished, while there were also concerns regarding equality under law.

Nearly 3 in 4 Pakistanis believe that human rights are protected in Pakistan in the form of freedom of expression, religious freedom, freedom to marry and protection against torture. Pakistanis also consider the right to vote, political freedom and free media as important basic human rights. A significant proportion of Pakistanis (64%) want Blasphemy laws to remain as they are.

Public opinion split between whether media is giving required amount of attention to human rights issues or not. On the other hand, there has been an increase (17%) in the proportion of Pakistanis who believe that media programs promote freedom of expression in Pakistan.

9% increase in the proportion of respondents who believe that in Pakistan everyone receives proper reward for their work while a quarter Pakistanis agree that their Supervisor or someone from their company takes care of their human rights.