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Public Opinion Polling on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor


Key takeaways from the survey findings:

1.Overall positive perception of CPEC among the Pakistani public.
According to the public opinion surveys conducted by Gallup Pakistan, majority of the Pakistanis believe CPEC is beneficial, and important for the development of Pakistan. However, general awareness of the project among the public is rather low.

2. A large proportion (87%) of the respondents was of the opinion that the Pakistan economy will be affected positively in the future by Chinese aid.

3.89% of the respondents opined that the Chinese President, Xi Jinping’s visit was successful in strengthening ties between Pakistan and China.

4. Majority believes that the Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Project will have a very positive impact on Pakistan’s economy.

5. People are hopeful that with China’s implementation of energy plans, the energy problem in Pakistan can be curtailed within 2 years.