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Since 2001; 3 in 5 Pakistanis continue to maintain that rich women should fight for the rights of poor women


Islamabad, January 2, 2020

In a Gallup & Gilani Pakistan National Survey conducted in the year 2001, respondents were asked “Do you think rich women should raise their voice for the rights of poor women?” In response, majority 67% said yes and 33% said no.

Comparative Picture: This question was asked again in 2017 to enable a comparison to be made across the years. In 2017, 66% said yes and 27% said no.

Trend Analysis: Overall the percentage of respondents who believe rich women should advocate the rights of poor women has stayed constant over the years, reflecting that majority Pakistanis are of the same opinion.

Implications of this finding: The public places greater expectations on privileged women to fight for the rights of less privileged women, asserting it to be their social responsibility to do so.

This press release has been made as part of the Gallup Pakistan History Project which aims to release historical empirical polling data to wider audiences. The objective is to sustain and encourage empirical decision making in Pakistan.