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Summer Internship 2019: Batch 2 – Meet the Interns!


Faizan Ul Haq
Major: History
University: LUMS
“Some people know what they’re going to study the second they step into a university campus; I am clearly not ‘some people’. Currently a History major at LUMS, I’ve bounced between Engineering, Sociology, Law, Philosophy and Economics. Fond of writing, musical theory and cinematography, I enjoy any and everything that makes people and the things people create make more sense to me.”

Fatima Mahmood
Major: Economics
University: NUST
“I, Fatima Mahmood, am currently doing bachelor’s in Economics at NUST. Belonging to a small town, Gojra, I have always been passionate about playing my role in the stabilization of Pakistan’s economy and helping humanity. I opted economics because of my love for mathematics and social sciences. I have always been fascinated by humans, our variant takes on life and reasoning approaches. I am quite excited about this opportunity at Gallup and look forward to making most of it.”

Iman Basit
Major: Management Sciences
University: LUMS
“I hail from a family of doctors and engineers: my parents, their siblings, and my brother. And they all very much wanted me to follow suit. However, since childhood I was intrigued by big questions regarding social behavior. I wondered and questioned why individuals around me acted the way they did. Why some kids begged on streets while others attended school or why we had separate culinary for household helpers. Why my mother had to disproportionately shoulder the burden of raising me and my siblings while my father had the liberty to solely focus on his career. I viewed these issues from a problem solving lens and devised utopian solutions using my naïve brain. Ultimately, my search for the bigger questions in life brought me to LUMS where I read-up and researched on a plethora of issues only to realize that the emergence or resolution of these problems is not as straightforward as I had imagined. I am interning at Gallup to not only deepen my understanding of our economic and social structures but to also contextualize my utopian solutions to make them implementable in the world as we know it. My current research interests broadly lie in the following domains: gender equality, child nutrition, and environmental management. ”

Maria Mohyuddin
Major: Accounting and Finance
University: LUMS
“Hi, I’m Maria – currently majoring in Accounting and Finance from LUMS and experiencing an early onset of senior year blues.  After being exposed to what the corporate life holds from me for three years, it was only recently that I realized that my interests lie elsewhere.  One of my favourite instructors at LUMS, a professor of Religious Philosophy, once said to me, “Why must the life trajectory of a creative individual be like that of a machine? The real fun is in meandering through and finding what you truly love.” As intimidating as it feels, I must say changing career paths is refreshing. And that is why I’m grateful to Gallup for helping me begin my journey in research work – something I truly love.”

Muhammad Abdullah Muslim
Major: Business Information Systems (Data Sciences)
University: UMT
“Fond of blogging, reading, networking and travelling I always explore and enjoy things that satisfy me. So keeping this perspective ‘Go and Explore’ has taken me a point to step up and learn about some professionalism. Being a student of Business Information systems (Data sciences) in UMT, I consider it necessary to seek the right and meaningful experience in terms of understanding research work, the use of ‘Data’, its interpretation as well as professional ethics and role. I am grateful to Gallup Pakistan for providing me a platform to nurture my skills and knowledge in this regard.”