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Summer Internship 2020: Meet the Interns!


Huzefa Abu Talib

Huzefa is currently a junior at IBA Karachi, pursuing major in Economics. His areas of interest include development economics, behavioral economics and especially econometrics. Huzefa has previously worked on a research for impact of rapid inflation in Pakistan.

Areeha Javed

Areeha has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is striving to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. Curious by nature, Areeha is always looking forward to learn and educate herself on everything that affects and surrounds her. She is quite fond of taking chances in life and going for experiences which may help her grow and become a better version of herself. “I personally think we all have a purpose in life, it all depends on how soon we find it. I’m striving to find one for myself but I believe “serving humanity” is a purpose we all should have.”

Hira Fatima

Hira is pursuing a bi-major in HR and Marketing from IBA. Her interests include talent management & acquisition and digital marketing. She joined Gallup in the hope of enhancing her experience because she believes one shouldn’t stay limited aspect of a selective career pathway, thus engaged in market research via the organisation.

Saba Iftikhar 
"Currently in final year of BS Commerce at University of Karachi, and the purpose of choosing this field is that commerce education  enables the youth to understand and judge various trends of business and trade of the modern world. I'm particularly interested in development side of economic and business research. And I am very thankful to Gallup for providing such a great opportunity for learning various kinds of research methods."

Mustafa Najam Siddiqi

Mustafa is an avid golfer, lover of music and all things cooking!! Currently pursuing an Economics degree from LUMS, he is interested in mapping human behavior mathematically and hopefully shaping some future policies.

Rida Rahman

Rida Rehman is studying MSc Applied psychology at an online platform with Virtual University of Pakistan. She believes that it has enabled her to polish her skills through various tasks. “To empathy on worries of someone, to be able to bring them back towards optimal functioning is my sims toward psychology.”

Zain Iqbal
Zain is currently in his final year at IBA pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. Having done his O’levels in Engineering, it was during his A’levels when he realized that Sciences wasn’t really his cup of tea. The switch to Accounting was a drastic yet an incredible experience for him. “Unlike others, I left it late to realize that my interests lie in Accounting.” A huge football fan and a fond content writer – he tries to pursue anything and everything that makes his life meaningful. Zain has a keen interest in financial methodologies and terms and is looking forward to becoming a CFA charter holder in future.