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WIN/Gallup International’s Global Survey Shows Three in Five Willing to Fight for Their Country


A global survey from WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling shows that 61% of those polled across 64 countries would be willing to fight for their country, while 27% would not.

However, there are significant differences by region. Willingness to fight is highest in the M.E.N.A. region (83%) while it is lowest in Western Europe (25%).

A history of those countries in recent conflict provides an interesting comparison. The Japanese (11%) are the least likely of 64 countries polled to be willing to fight for their country. Results from Germany are similar 18% willing to fight. By comparison these numbers are considerably lower than in the UK (27%) and France (29%).

A majority (52%) of women surveyed across the globe said they would be willing to fight (vs. 67%) among men. Those aged 18-34 years (66%) are the most willing. Of the variety of religious denominations covered in the survey we see those Muslims (78%) are most willing to fight for their country.