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Gallup Pakistan has worked extensively with Clients who have made their name in the local and international business arena. Thus, its rich Client base includes the top rated business establishments all around the globe. The high frequency of repeat business with our customers is a clear evidence of our Clients' trust in our ability at providing invaluable business intelligence.

Our clients span a wide range of public and private companies and government departments. We also work extensively with many international and multi national business concerns. In a typical year we conduct several hundred thousand interviews for our various projects.

The major portion of Gallup's work in Pakistan is with the private sector. But, it also conducts several high profile studies for the Government of Pakistan and international agencies, like the World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, ILO, UNIDO and others.

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Disclaimer: Gallup Pakistan is not related to Gallup Inc. headquartered in Washington D.C. USA. We require that our surveys be credited fully as Gallup Pakistan (not Gallup or Gallup Poll). We disclaim any responsibility for surveys pertaining to Pakistani public opinion except those carried out by Gallup Pakistan, the Pakistani affiliate of Gallup International Association. For details on Gallup International Association see website: www.gallup-international.com

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